Be warned: If you’re wearing ripped jeans, you need to load up on suncream

There are two things you need to be prepared for when you wear ripped jeans.

First off: If your dad sees you, he will make a joke about you having fallen down. Classic dad joke.

Secondly: Dodgy tanlines. Or, if you’re unlucky, some rather sore patches of suncream.

People are learning that ripped jeans can provide quite the risk when it comes to sun damage.

It’s easy to forget, but think about it logically: Those rips and missing bits are sections of skin that aren’t shielded from the sun by denim. That means they can burn.

To hammer this important message home, please learn from people who have learned about the risks of ripped jeans sunburn firsthand:








The lesson here, as you’ve probably already gathered, is that it’s not a good idea to wear ripped jeans in the sun. And if you do feel a deep need, slather yourself in sunblock.

Don’t just put suncream where you think the rips on your jeans are, FYI. As you lounge around those rips might shift up or down your leg slightly, leaving an unexpected area exposed.

Rub sunblock all over, then throw on jeans as ripped as you fancy.

Do not fall victim to the same mistakes as those ripped jeans wearers before you.

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