7 Questions with Poppy King of Lipstick Queen

seven Inquiries with Poppy King of Lipstick Queen – Amore Fashion Design

The ultimate lipstick destination for women from all walks of life, Lipstick Queen offers more than just a slate of signature shades—they enhance your entire vision of what a lipstick can offer. Throughout her long-standing career in cosmetics, Lipstick Queen’s founder Poppy King was constantly on the search for that perfect, time-honored lipstick. Now twenty years on, Poppy’s passion for lipstick is as vibrant and strong as her signature red lip, with an offering of textures and shades that express every facet of a woman’s personality. Today, she was kind enough to run through 7 questions with us.

seven Inquiries with Poppy King of Lipstick Queen – Amore Fashion Design


1. Lipstick Queen has recently launched on DermStore.com with an amazing response. What does it mean to you to help women find their inner Lipstick Queen?

The whole reason I am in this business is to show women the amazing power of lipstick and the effect it has on you, both outside and inside, in making you feel that anything is possible.

2. As the story goes, at the age of 18 you had struggled to find the perfect lipstick. What did lipstick mean to you at that age, and how has that changed since?

It hasn’t changed! Lipstick was like a superhero cape to me back then, and it still is. I am still amazed at how much more capable I feel with my lipstick on.

3. The Frog Prince line is a hit across social media, but what or who is the inspiration behind that name?

The inspiration behind the name is the old saying, “You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.” I love the hope, optimism and determination inherent in that saying.

4. Speaking of names, there’s also Queen Bee, the Saints and Sinner collections and Jungle Queen, just to name a few. What’s the story behind these captivating names?

I love names that reflect and embrace the many sides and moods to a woman’s personality.

5. On top of the impressive line of lipsticks, we’re also seeing various blush and lip gloss options. How do these complement each other, and how important was it to you to offer this?

I wanted to bring the transformational concepts of some of my lipsticks to lip gloss and blush, so there were more ways to experience the magic of my products.

6. We’re currently in the midst of summer, so we want to know what’s trending for these warmer months?

We are having huge success with Eden, which is a magical apple-red shade. It has green shimmer in it that gives it a holographic effect on the lips. It’s a great shade for summer that’s sheer and wearable and flatters everyone.

7. In a market filled with endless lipstick options, what do you think and hope will keep women coming back to Lipstick Queen?

I think it’s the variety of finishes. I don’t have hundreds of shades, but I have so many different special-effect finishes that result from playing with pigment levels, and that makes the lipsticks so unique. The high-quality ingredients I use also make them a delight to wear.


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